What is a Unicorn anyway?

Woman Unicorn standing in white bra

In the swinging lifestyle arena the single women are called a unicorn. It is simply a term for the single, often bi-sexual female that likes to engage in this particular lifestyle. Single women greatly benefit from this lifestyle and have the most fun. They get to enter clubs or events with reduced or free admission, and drinks are often free because they are comped by single men and/or couples. However, the unicorns only make up about 30% the membership numbers for any lifestyle club. Continue reading “What is a Unicorn anyway?”

Why are more people swinging these days?

Two women kissing a man

More and more couples are coming forward to talk about the advantages of adopting a swinging lifestyle. In view of this, the public’s perception that swinging is a deviant activity has declined significantly. Also, changes in social attitudes have led to a greater interest in swinging, so let’s take a look at a few of the most appealing benefits of this lifestyle. Continue reading “Why are more people swinging these days?”

Blowjob basics – Bring your guy to his knees every time with these simple tips

Woman giving man fellatio

Most guys agree getting oral is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s brings true pleasure and nothing makes a man feel more pampered – sexually. For a guy, there’s nothing quite so sexy watching you work your magic on his member. Here’s how to master the basics of a mind-blowing blow job: Continue reading “Blowjob basics – Bring your guy to his knees every time with these simple tips”

Porn for Couples – How to Choose A Hot Film for You Both

Man looking at woman from a bedBy Adrie Santos
Newsflash: many women do enjoy porn!! The notion that women don’t respond to sexual imagery is simply a myth. The reality is that many women are uncomfortable with the idea of admitting to someone that they are turned on by a full-on vagina ramming session because of how they may be perceived, how they were raised, etc. But finding porn that you’ll both enjoy is really not that difficult. Continue reading “Porn for Couples – How to Choose A Hot Film for You Both”